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Eurotalk: Spanish Review

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EuroTalk Spanish is a series of downloadable or delivered Spanish lessons. They cover all skill levels, from the very basics to more complex encounters such as business Spanish or speaking like a native. There are three courses to choose from, with the Ultimate option containing six full programs. There’s no deadline or membership fee, so you can learn Spanish in your own time and at your own pace.

The Talk Now Spanish option is the simplest and is designed for beginners. It’s also suitable for users who know a few basic Spanish words and is mainly for people who wish to extend their basic vocabulary. It has fun games and key topics for you to explore, including first words, food, phrases, body parts, numbers and time, shopping and more. As you complete lessons and games, the system keeps a check on your progress and awards you points to keep you motivated. This is a simple but effective system for learning Spanish, with some fun additions.

EuroTalk’s Instant Spanish is available on USB and includes two popular programs which begin at the basics and move you on to more complete sentences. In particular, it’s designed for people who wish to travel to Spain. It includes general speech, conversation tips and tools for slightly more developed conversation. Again, there are games to try out, and you can choose from more than 50 native languages to receive your instructions, which is great if English isn’t your first language.

Ultimate Spanish is the most comprehensive option from EuroTalk.com, offering six full programs to learn from. You’ll progress from basic words to phrases which increase in complexity, with vocabulary for younger people and for business conversations. You can also train your accent and ear using these programs, so that your understanding through listening improves. The Ultimate system includes movies which you can alter the speeds on, so that you can rewatch and slow particularly complex sections in order to practice and master them.

The games included are fun to play and help to build vocabulary without feeling like you’re doing a lot of hard work. Native speakers are also used to record audio, so you get a feel for a genuine Spanish voice. You can also compare your pronunciation to that of a native speaker using your microphone, to make sure you’ve really nailed the accent. It’s important to check which devices you have available and whether the software packages are compatible, though, as not all formats are available for each option.

The site explains that their products have been widely successful with autistic children, which makes them a fairly reliable option if you wish to teach Spanish to a child with autism. However, we feel that this software is more generally appealing to young people and children, but it can also be just as successful for adults.

EuroTalkSpanish does lack some level of online support, and there aren’t really extra tools to download or explore on the website. This is a bit disappointing, however the software on offer is easy to use and seems to do a good job at teaching language in a fun way. It won’t break the bank, either, and they offer free worldwide delivery on the Premium package.

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