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Rocket Spanish is brought to you by RocketLanguages.com. It’s a comprehensive learning system which uses audio lessons and a variety of language tools to help you develop your Spanish and keep motivated at the same time. You can follow a detailed course which takes you from the very basics all the way to advanced conversation, with lifetime membership to the courses you’ve paid for.

RocketSpanish is very generous, as the site offers a free trial of plenty of its content. You can try a select number of lessons for free, with no time limit. If you’re not sure whether you’ll enjoy the lessons or persist with them, this is a great way to try it out. You can start off by sampling up to 20 hours’ worth of lessons in a variety of skill levels, at no cost. In fact you don't even need to sign up. These cover speaking, reading and writing, plus cultural classes.

Cultural classes give you a sense of the importance of Spanish around the world, how language has changed in different locations and how culture can impact on the use of language. Lessons have a strong focus on pronunciation, too, which is really good because the pronunciation of a Spanish word can vary depending on where you use it. This is a clever system which allows you to compare your pronunciation with that of the recorded tutor, so you can easily identify mispronunciations or errors.

Things start off slowly, with saying hello. They steadily increase, building your vocabulary and confidence. Testing and progress tracking are important parts of the Rocket Languages system, as they help you to continually improve rather than setting yourself unobtainable goals or resting on your laurels. 

Lessons are primarily audio-based, but they are well constructed and acted out, using small samples of music and sound effects to build a sense of real conversation. The speakers are very clear so you can easily replicate what’s being said. As well as hearing and repeating, you will be encouraged to write and understand words, so that you can later adapt phrases to suit your intended meaning. 

  It’s a simple system, but they’ve done their research to ensure you learn effectively and quickly.  

A ratings system lets you know how you’ve been progressing through a course, awarding you points for persistence and for ability. Once you’ve achieved a certain level, you will receive a badge so that you know where your current level is. There’s also a leader board so you can compare your work with that of others.

The site’s phrase finder allows you to find words and phrases within a different context to how they might appear on the course. This is important in case you become confused by certain word usages, especially since you’ll have heard them in a limited context. In addition, you can update your “my vocab” section to store any words which you’ve had difficulty with.

The word master game helps you to translate sounds into written language, teaching reading and writing in a fun way. This is a good way to top up what you hear in lessons, making sure that you’ve nailed your abilities to read and write.

When it comes to value for money, Rocket Languages Spanish is hard to beat. After you’ve mastered the free trial, you can unlock level one for around $100, with unlimited membership. You don’t need to hurry and there won’t be any additional costs. You can then progress to level two (which includes level one) or you can just go for level three immediately (with one and two thrown in) for an ultimate saving. There are options to purchase CD’s of the courses, but they are much more expensive so we don’t really recommend those unless you’re unable to access the classes online.

We liked the fact that you can download lessons from RocketLanguages.com. This is really useful if you want to take your lessons as you drive to work, or in an area where you don’t have a signal. You can also check out honest customer reviews on the site, which show the vast majority of members give Rocket Spanish 4 or 5 stars out of 5. 

Whether you want to learn Spanish and don’t know a word of it yet, you want to improve on what you learned in high school, or you wish to really push on and learn conversational Spanish to a high level, Rocket Spanish has plenty to offer. It’s a simple system, but they’ve done their research to ensure you learn effectively and quickly. With a little persistence and passion, you’ll be speaking the lingo in no time. Hurra!

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