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Spanish Pod 101 Review

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Spanish Pod 101 offers three different packages for learning Spanish, with prices to suit most budgets. It delivers lessons through audio and video, with quizzes and performance testers to help you memorize Spanish and use it in a natural way. You can also learn formal and informal phrases, access word banks, flash cards and more. The premium plus package also includes 1 on 1 help from a professional language tutor.

Probably the best way to understand what you get with SpanishPod101 is to give it a try, and that’s easy because they offer a free 7 day trial. Simply sign up and the trial is automatically in action, allowing you to explore a reduced-access version of the complete system. Still, this free trial isn’t too limiting and you’ll be able to try a few lessons and get a feel for the site.

Lessons are provided in audio and video formats, with over 1200 lessons in total. The hosts have great passion for their subject and also have the know-how to back it up. You can learn modern vocabulary, with tools which support your learning, including flash cards and word banks. Lessons also come with detailed notes which you can download in PDF format. You can then print these to read over them or try out any exercises which have been set.

SpanishPod101.com also includes a community forum where you can discuss a range of topics related to Spanish. This could include finding a pen pal, arranging trips, or just talking about methods for improving your language skills. 

There are three different paid packages available: Basic, Premium and Premium+. The basic package is very cheap and allows you access to the complete archive of audio and video lessons, PDF lesson notes and lesson checklists. You can also gain access to the core words and phrases database (100 words and phrases) which ought to help you cover the core words used in every day Spanish. 

Premium membership offers everything available through Basic membership, plus a range of extras. These include custom word lists, access to the Spanish Language Suite (with additional resources and materials), a Spanish dictionary and conjugation sheet. Perhaps the best bit about upgrading to Premium is that you can use the audio transcript, which allows you to follow each lesson line-by-line. This is particularly useful if you find it hard to follow a lesson by just listening to it.

Tracking your progress can be very important to language acquisition, and so Premium and Premium+ members also gain access to interactive quizzes to consolidate the lessons. This is combined with a pronunciation checker, which uses your mic to check whether you’re pronouncing words properly.

If you think you’d like help from a tutor, Premium+ will provide this. You also receive personal assessment from Spanish specialists and a personal learning program which is suited to your exact needs. This option is more expensive, but it means you’ll get some 1 on 1 help, which can be invaluable.

Blending video, audio and written lessons with supporting materials and professional guidance, SpanishPod101 does a great job at helping you to learn Spanish. We recommend signing up for the 7 day free trial so you can judge for yourself.

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