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Rosetta Stone: Spanish Review

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RosettaStone’s Spanish courses are available online, as downloads or delivered on CD ROM. They’re a fun, interactive way of learning a new language, with photos and audio used to encourage recognition. The system is intuitive, and even people with very basic computer skills should be able to work though the lessons they need. It also supplies instant feedback, live lessons with tutors, buddy matching for conversation practice and more.

Rather than trying to have you memorize words and phrases as they’re written (though that is part of it), Rosetta Stone uses a more natural method which has been developed in collaboration between scientists, linguists and programmers. It encourages you to learn by seeing and hearing words, linking the actual object to the sound. This is a more organic way of learning language, so it should especially appeal to people who have struggled with textbooks in the past.

This process is called dynamic immersion, because it essentially immerses you in the language, removing the need for English equivalents. Supporting materials are included, and they help develop skills such as reading and writing, listening and speaking. A really useful element of this package is that you can find other students online, and then use your microphones to chat. 

In addition to the buddies system, Rosetta Stone Spanish also provides you with live online lessons. These are scheduled at critical points in your course, so you can really make the most of the sessions. For example, once you’ve completed a few sessions on ordering in restaurants, asking for the bill and so on, you can meet your tutor online and practice an interaction. They can then offer you immediate feedback and suggest where you might improve.

Being able to talk to native speakers is a very useful addition to this software package, which you won’t find on many other sites. This is because it is expensive to hire tutors, so you’ll probably only find such options on sites which have a substantial income and enough members to make hiring tutors worthwhile.

An FAQ and knowledge base are supported by a team of specialists, and you can gain instant support using the site’s live chat feature. Rosetta Stone Spanish is available for personal or family use (with the download option offering installation and access for up to five members). You can also use it for institutions such as schools or for language lessons. Packages are tailored to your needs, with an option for 2 year access with full use of the site’s new app. 

The app helps you to learn when you’re on the move, allowing you to use your touch screen to interact with the software. This also means that you can listen to Spanish lessons whilst on the move, which is particularly useful if you enjoy listening to them whilst driving or at work.

Rosetta Stone’s software isn’t the cheapest you’ll find. Even with a significant discount, it’s more expensive than other options around. However, we feel that the software on offer is excellent, and it ought to really help improve your Spanish, particularly if you’re quite a visual learner.  

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