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Strokes International: Spanish Review

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Strokes International Spanish courses provide lessons and resources to help you to improve your written and spoken Spanish. Each course contains 100 lessons, each of which comes with a variety of useful tools to help you improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. It can be downloaded or ordered on DVD, with lessons for beginners or intermediates,and a business package for advanced corporate communication.

StrokesInternational.com provides a comprehensive language system which provides three key services: a language course, training tools and a reference suit. Each of this combines to offer a high quality package with plenty of resources to help you improve. 

There are a variety of packages to choose from, so whether you’re just starting out or wish to use professional, formal Spanish in the work place, there are options for you. The best value option is the complete download, which provides Spanish 1, 2 and the business package. This is recommended for beginners who wish to progress to a high level. If your Spanish is already at a decent level, you may wish to bypass Spanish 1 and go straight for Spanish 2 or Spanish Business.

The complete package includes 300 lessons, with voice recognition software. This is used to help your pronunciation training, as the system learns your voice and compares it to that of a native speaker. You can therefore see where to improve. Lessons also include a wide range of resources, some of which can be printed off. This is really useful if you wish to go over a lesson to focus on your reading and writing. You can print out work sheets or develop your own lesson plans, which is ideal if you wish to teach Spanish to someone else, or just want to concrete the lesson in your mind.

Vocabulary memory games add a little fun to proceedings, helping the new words to stick. You can then use these in the 100 dialogue scenarios which are provided. These dialogues cover real life, every day topics such as travelling, ordering in restaurants, business meetings and more.

A set of learning tools is provided to support your study. As well as the aforementioned pronunciation tool and dialogue set, Strokes International Spanish also comes with a vocabulary trainer, a list of words which you can maintain and check, plus a grammar trainer with more than 500 exercises covering 200 topics. If you complete a substantial proportion of the exercises, using these tools, your Spanish is sure to improve.

A referencing suite is also provided, with a dictionary which contains over 6500 words and definitions, plus more than 3000 examples. This is really useful in helping you to understand how a word might be used differently in different situations. Grammar enthusiasts will also be happy to see the package includes a table of conjugation with more than 1300 verbs.

If you’re looking for an all-round Spanish course which teaches reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, StrokesInternational Spanish 1, 2 and business is definitely an option worth considering. Whilst it lacks online content and updates, it’s a comprehensive course which will train a variety of skills, with useful tools to help your conversational Spanish. 

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