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Fluenz: Spanish Review

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Fluenz.com integrates great technology and user-friendly software to offer comprehensive Spanish lessons. You can use it on a great range of devices, all of which synchronize so you never miss a class. Lessons include substantial video tutorials, interactive exercises and practices, audio with native speakers and great visuals to keep you excited. 

The Fluenz Spanish system is very well designed. The interface is smooth and intuitive, with plenty of options for touch screen devices. We also like that you can jump across devices seamlessly, which means you can start a lesson on your work computer, continuing it on your walk home (using your Android or iPhone) and then finish it on your home iPad. 

Fluenz take a slightly different approach from many Teach Yourself Spanish websites. Rather than using simple visuals with audio to immerse you in a language (which is how children learn to speak), its research suggests that teenagers and adults acquire language better using their current language as a framework. Therefore, lessons include instructions in English, with detailed explanations of how the language functions. 

If you’re more of a “book learner” or someone who appreciates the mechanics behind a lesson, Fluenz Spanish will be a good match for you. There’s more focus on writing and grammar than you’ll find on some other Spanish programs, with plenty of resources and exercises to help you practice. This isn’t a “quick fix” system, rather it’s a process which takes you to another level of understanding, using drills to help make new vocabulary stick.

Fluenz.com used to offer a free trial, but this appears to have disappeared (or they’ve hidden it so well that we couldn’t find it). This is a bit disappointing because it means you’ll struggle to work out whether or not their system suits you, without having to pay for the courses.

Courses can be purchased individually, or you can buy sets. Oddly, you can buy 1 and 2 on their own, but not 3. Purchasing individual courses is a little risky if you love the system because it means you’ll then have to pay out again the next one, without the saving you’d make from having bought them all at once. This could add up, especially since the courses aren’t cheap. However, we do feel that the software and educational approach taken by Fluenz could really suit some learners, so it might be worth paying that bit extra.

The quality of the courses and teaching are high. Actors have been hired to read the dialogue parts in the audio sequences, plus the videos are well directed and shot. The courses also include high quality animations, with the tutor (Sonia) talking to you and explaining each element in detail.

With a user-friendly interface, software which synchronizes between devices, and high quality lessons, Fluenz Spanish is a shining star. However, it’s not cheap and the learning approach might not suit all users. If you’re unsure whether to give it a try, we recommend spending a little time exploring the site, which has quite a lot of information about the teaching methods and tools available. 

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