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Transparent Language Everywhere Audio: Spanish Review

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Everywhere Spanish Audio Course is a simple set of 35 lessons, which you can download for Windows or Mac. Its audio Spanish classes are saved as MP3s, meaning you can transfer them to a range of portable devices, and the course focuses on speaking and listening, with no reading or writing element, making it useful for practice when you need your hands for something else.

Everywhere Spanish Audio Course is brought to you by Transaprent.com, who offer several key software packages for learning new languages. Everywhere Audio is for individual use (rather than corporate, educational or government, for example) and provides a fun and effective course for expanding a basic Spanish vocabulary. It primarily teaches speech and pronunciation, but you also learn a little about grammar as you work through the course.

Everywhere Audio employs native speakers for you to experience genuine accents and speech. You can then use your newly learned dialogue to respond, and since the lessons are on MP3, you can practice when you’re offline. This makes it ideal for people who wish to learn Spanish whilst driving to work, exercising at the gym, going to the shops and more. 

The 35 lessons cover items for beginners to intermediate level, although we feel beginners will get the most out of this system. The lessons are very simple to follow, requiring no other resources, plus you only need an audio player (and a device such as a computer to transfer them from the download file to the audio player). 

This is a very simple system, which has benefits and drawbacks. The simplicity is useful if you’re a busy person who just needs a quick lesson each day. However, there are probably more limitations to this system. A lack of resources and tools means that it’s hard to monitor your progress or to find out anything which isn’t in the lesson you’re listening to. EverywhereSpanishAudio will also require you to be a very keen listener, as this is the only medium through which lessons are delivered.

Since this is a relatively short course, you don’t need to donate much time to completing it. However, it’s not particularly cheap, especially considering how limited it can be. For a similar price, you can find courses which include a lot of audio content for on the go, plus lots of other material to help you learn. 

Overall, then, it’s hard to recommend Everywhere Spanish Audio in a market where there are lots of great audio courses which offer extra features for less money. That said, if you’re looking for a simple audio course for beginners, and you like the idea of using the MP3 files on a mobile device, you might wish to consider this. 

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